Dr Young confirms Graphene Oxide, Metals and Parasites in Covid Shots

Dr Young put all 4 shots under the microscopes and confirms: Graphene Oxide is present in all 4 shots as well as other toxic compounds, metals and deadly parasites, as seen in the image above. Dr Robert Young is part of a growing group of scientists, who claim that germ theory was never truly proven and that viruses are toxic waste produced by our own cells. Sounds crazy, until we start looking at the details through a microscope.

In the video below Romala D teases out the method and detailed finding of Dr Young’s research. This is an in-depth discussion and very worthwhile following


When I looked at the documentation presented in Dr young’s study, I was struck by the fact that some of the images he presented was identical to those presented by the Spanish group La Quinta Columna – the 5th Column. Of course I was not the only one noticing it and indeed Ramola did gently prodded Young on it and I am sorry to say he fudged an unclear answer and she did not press him any further on it, being the gentle interviewer that she clearly is.

However in Dr Young’s interview yesterday, Stew Peters tackled it heads on to clarify this very point. Take a look:


Anyone still doubting the magnet challenge is a real phenomena and that toxic metals are present in the vaccine vials, need to look up at the fact that 1.6m Moderna doses have been withdrawn in Japan over claims of such contamination.

After establishing those facts, one must ask what is the purpose of adding those components to every man woman and child. Well obviously it is not for medical reasons! Dr young suggests we look at a patent granted just few days ago (number 11107588 ). He claims this patent is was issued by Pfizer, but looking at it, I see no evidence it is issued by Pfizer, all I can see it is invented by 2 Israelis inventors: Fenster Maier and  Gal Ehrlich. (Would be interesting to confirm it either way). Reading it, it seems to correspond to the conclusion Dr young is arriving at, towards the end of the Stew Peters interview. Diabolical indeed!

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  1. Tina French

    We are now seeing obvious signs of the vaxxed making unvaxxed sick,nose bleeds in our children,mentrual disruption in our teenagers, children coming home from school sick tired,lethargic. Should I be worried about my unvaxxed child bring around vaxxed children 8 hours a day 5 days a week?

  2. paula

    did anyone see that movie where there was a break out of a diease and the whole town was on lockdown but the ones that were running free outside were eventually cleared of anything and it was the ones locked up in the houses that had to taken out, they were highly infectious.

    Our Air is the best, take off your masks.

  3. Erin

    5G emits microwave frequencies that cause the same symptoms as COVID 19. The “tell tale” difference is VERY BURNING EYES – a classic sign of radiation sickness.

  4. Lynn Mullaney

    There leaves a question I have and that is what if there is no virus at all? And what if the fully vaccinated are the ones who infected the unvaccinated? Is it possible that if a unvaccinated person gets around a vaccinated person that the vaccinated person could infect the unvaccinated? But there lies again how is it people died if there were no vaccine? How did they get sick?

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