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The use of activated MMS when further diluted  in water on the skin could be beneficial in many cases. It could help many skin disorder, burns, wounds and scars.

In an article titled ‘MMS Skin Care Methods’ Jim Humble writes:

“Unfortunately I was not able to complete the research on MMS before I wrote the first book and only recently have completed a six month test concerning the skin.”

As part of his experiment, Jim Humble sprayed his body few times daily over 6 months using a very strong solution of activated MMS. He notes:

“I sprayed in many places on my body to see the results on heavy weather beaten skin to the most tender white skin available. I usually sprayed several times a day. I sprayed on my face most days as well, and often rubbed around my eyes so that the rubbing would allow a tiny amount of MMS to leak into the eye itself."

To show the difference between treated and untreated areas, Jim left some areas of his body untreated throughout the six months of the skin spraying experiment. After 6 months there was no skin discolouring, or change in the texture of the skin.

This demonstrates what Jim claims throughout his book ‘Breakthrough, the Miracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st Century’ - MMS does not affect normal body cells. It does not have the power. It only kills anaerobic micro-organisms on the skin or in the body.

A similar test was done spraying the skin with ‘chlorine’ instead of the activated MMS, which is a ‘chlorine dioxide solution’. Clorox provides approximately the same amount of ‘chlorine’ as activated MMS provided chlorine dioxide in the skin spray tests mentioned above. Although they were about the same strength, the result was very different. Jim sprayed chlorine (Clorox) on the back of his hand, several times a day for one week. He writes:

“I allowed the Clorox to dry in place just like I did the MMS. After only one week the back of my hand had become discoloured, the skin had hardened and began to crack in two areas - the surface of the skin had lost its feeling, and the area was painful under the skin.” “It took about two weeks for my hand to return to normal.”

Making activated MMS skin spray

  • Use a dark spray glass bottle size 50 ml  (Most drug stores sell empty spray bottles)
  • Put 10 drops of MMS directly in the bottle
  • Add 10 drops of 50% citric acid solution and swirl to mix
  • Fill the bottle with water (* distilled, purified and filtered )
  • keep in a dark place
Tip -  MMS spray of  different strength can be made by altering the amount of MSS and citric acid solution drops used. Keeping the ratio of 1:1 one can use up to 20 drops.
* Tip - The purer the water the longer the spray will keep it's potency. Tap water can be used, but it will be degraded by the concentration of impurities in the water. If you have no access to distilled water you can always use MMS to purify your tap water first and then use it to make the spray.
Warning - Please remember that different people may react differently. The fact that many people have used MMS spray safely, does not guaranty you will have the same experience. I tried a diluted mixture on a small area first, to satisfy myself I had no adverse reaction.

Using MMS Skin Spray?

According to Jim Humble one can spray a skin area up to once an hour, or every two, three hours all day long. and allow the solution to dry on the skin - It seems to be most active just before it dries. Before going to bed, rinse off with clean water and dry the skin and then re-spray.

Wounds could be sprayed as soon as possible, after they happened. It will shorten the healing time a great deal. Micro-organisms are mostly the cause of slow healing.

An MMS spray solution will keep it's potency for about 3 days. (Using purified water help make the spay last longer) Once applied to the skin, it disintegrates as it dries.

Note: Applying MMS spray to an open wond may cause stinging sensation, much like iodine or disinfecting alcohol would. If you experience any other kind of stinging, or prolonged reaction wash with water.

Conditions effecting the skin


Actinic Keratosis

Athlete's Foot






Clark's Nerves

Cold Sores









Insect Bites

Irritant Dermatitis



Lichen Simplex







Poison Ivy/Oak

Pre-skin Cancer



Ring Worm




Skin Lupus

Skin Moles

Staph Infection

Sun Burn/spots